Tanaka Chronicles

Never been kissed, and brought up with the mantra of 'wait until you get married to have sex', Tanaka is attached to her virginity and plans to give it up on her wedding day. That is until she meets Fungai... the sweetest temptation. A tall, handsome chocolate-skinned brother with a hard, muscular body and full, kissable lips. A series of encounters with him awaken the magic that lies within the body of the Goddess and the ecstasy in every woman. Holding her to him, he slips her top off, exposing her supple breasts...encircling the bead with his lips, he sucks, engulfing her nipple in heat and moistness... she allows herself to enjoy it... and then her orgasm, so powerful, so intense, takes her completely by surprise. Her body feels like liquid fire coursing through her.

Deep within her, she discovers that she is juicy, sexy, sensual and alive.

Follow Tanaka as she immigrates to the UK and meets Ricky, who presents her with an extraordinary proposition. She is yearning to be reawakened and nurtured. She is ready to explore the sensual mysteries of her inner universe. Threesomes, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and naughty games... perhaps BDSM is on the cards. The insatiable genie is out of the bottle; putting it back is out of the question.

Tracy Kadungure

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